Café Castelo is a company established in Quebec since 1996. It was founded by Predrag Okuka and his wife Nicolina Okuka just arriving from Europe. Their mission has always been to offer to coffee lovers a product of an exceptional quality, prepared and roasted using traditional methods used for generations before.

The secret of our success lies with our master roaster, Predrag Okuka, which maintains the consistency, quality and freshness of the roast.

At its inception, Café Castelo offered its coffee from a single point of sale : 1st Avenue Limoilou in Quebec City. Since 1997, Predrag implements a production platform and independent branches concept based from the shop on 1st Avenue.

Predrag, very busy keeping activities roasting, sells the 1st Avenue branch to M. André Quirion in 2009.

Himself a long time coffee lover and one of the first clients of the branch, it is with rigor and attention that he works to preserve the spirit of the company and make up to its reputation. It is a mission that he succeeds brilliantly for many years now. With the help of André Quirion and his experienced team, Café Castelo therefore able to maintain its reference in high-end coffee in Quebec City. Authentic and constant character of the flavor of our products has customer loyalty, our baristas strive to meet ensuring it provide accurate information and personalized service.